Imagine an elusive elixir, so sought after that the world’s most intrepid explorers trek to the furthest corners of the globe, and even further, in search of its potent powers. The stuff of Irish legends, it has a mysterious power to turn the world on its head, and then back up again. Now imagine the Feckin Dinks Co. Unbelievably good Irish spirits.

Feckin: from the Irish verb ‘feck’ meaning to steal, throw or leave in a hurry.


Feckin: a slang expletive employed as an attenuated alternative to express disbelief, pain, anger or contempt in a given situation.


Feckin: an old Irish saint (St Fechin). Dating back to the 7th century St Feckin was one of Ireland’s most influential saints. Born of the royal blood of Munster, St Feckin founded several monasteries across Ireland. Legend has it he had supernatural powers and healing abilities, but unwilling to use these gifts to save himself, he died from the yellow plague in 684 AD. What a Feckin Saint!

Rock n Feckin Roll!

The Whiskey Song written and recorded for FECKiN Irish Whiskey by the legendary Ricky Warwick and belted out from the top of Belfast’s iconic Harland and Wolff cranes. No half measures here – whiskey or otherwise!

FECKiN Gin 40% abv
Sniff it – Candied lemons with a hint of juniper and sweet sherbet dip
Drink it – A bunch of lemons bouncing on a bed of juniper
Savour – Deliciously delicate like lemon buttercream cupcakes
Enjoy it with tonic and a slice of lemon

FECKiN Whiskey 40% abv
Sniff it – Sweet, soft and oaky with hints of caramel
Drink it – Smooth, medium dry with buttery popcorn and honey
Savour – An easy drinker leaving you thirsty for more

FECKiN Vodka 37.5% abv
Sniff it – Fresh, clean and bold
Drink it – Crisp, clean and very smooth
Savour – A long a luscious finish

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